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Edith M. "Jackie" Ronne 

  NEW  (Author Photo for Back Cover or inside dust jacket.)

  - In very front of book or on inside cover.


Photograph of Jackie taken at the Base in Antarctica 

  Map of Antarctica with main international bases.


Chapter 1

  Photograph of Jackie taken in cap and gown for college graduation

Finn had been a member of the Second Expedition of Admiral Richard Byrd in 1933-35, as well as the American Antarctic Service Expedition 1939-41, prior to meeting Jackie.

  Jackie and Finn at their wedding in Chevy Chase, Maryland on March 18, 1944.  Fellow Antarctic explorer Carl Eklund was best man and Bettie Earle, who introduced them, was maid of honor.

The newly-weds begin making plans for the expedition in their small Washington, D.C. apartment


Chapter 2     

83  Loading Norseman aboard ship at Beaumont, Texas shipyard; it crashed on the deck and was replaced in Panama.

Loading ship at shipyard in Beaumont, Texas

74Finn loading the dogs on the ship in Beaumont

70The citizens of Beaumont gave the expedition a grand farewell celebration, complete with live radio broadcast.

  Port of Beaumont sails from Beaumont, Texas, down the Neches River (NEW PHOTO; use in exhibit and Boy Scout Site)

625758  The Port of Beaumont heads out to sea.


 61  some of the crew watches as the ship sails. 


Chapter 3     

Group onboard Port of Beaumont near Panama ( l to r: Sig Gutenko, Larry Fiske, Finn Ronne, Chuck Adams, Jackie Ronne, Chuck Hassage, and Andy ThompsonA


Jennie Darlington and Jackie Ronne aboard ship on way south

  Jennie and Harry Darlington NEW

25 Finn and Jackie working in their stateroom aboard ship, Port of Beaumont

or Finn and Jackie on the fantail of the Port of Beaumont, with the Explorer's Club flag.


Chapter 4   

  Aerial view of Stonington Island showing Base and ship anchored in Back Bay cove  NEW

54 The Expedition's Base including the machine shop, the main bunkhouse, and our hut.

Vandalism found at Base upon arrival  NEW

51  Ship anchored in Back Bay Cove with glacier and mountains in background

Jackie posed for a formal portrait, as did every expedition member. 


Chapter 5 

  Adelie penguins near base. NEW



Chapter 6 

  Unloading with visiting British ships Fitzroy and Trespassy in background

55  Ronne Base from the air


Chapter 7

  Meteologist Harcly Peterson releasing a balloon from the meteorological tower NEW

353637  First secret U.S. Post Office set up in Antarctica.  Finn poses for secret photo taken by Jackie, to establish existence of post office, for potential future land claims..

4748A cover showing the "Oleona Base" cache.  March 12, 1947, was the opening date of the post office and Finn's Postmaster Certificate.

  Finn and Jackie with white huskie puppy, Kasco  NEW


Chapter 8

  Sig Gutenko and Jackie in galley wrapping pemmican that he made for trail parties.

 Bob Nichols, Finn and Captain Ike Schlossback planning a field party to King George VI Sound  NEW

10  Jackie working on articles about the expedition for the North American Newspaper Alliance while Finn plots aerial flights into the unknown.


Chapter 9 

  Jackie passed her free hours knitting with supplies she picked up in Chile. 

17Jackie tended to normal activities, like making coffee on the primus stove and relaxing with a cigarette in her hut.

  McClary and Art Owen relaxing in the bunkhouse. NEW

  Peterson and Fiske under plastic dome taking the wind velocity NEW

  Finn, Nelson McClary and Woodie lashing sleds in the Machine Shop  NEW

British Leader K.S. Pierce-Butler having dinner with us.



Chapter 10 

  Discussing trail and flight plans in our hut – top row: Fiske, Finn, Peterson; front row: Latady, McLean, Ike, Thompson, Nichols and Dodson  NEW

  Finn discussing flight plans with Ken Butler, leader of nearby British "E" base, posing by Beechcraft plane “Ed Sweeney.”  NEW

  Jackie and Finn posed in front of Beechcraft while out skiing.

  Jackie washing clothes on stove with underwear drying on line above

Jackie and Finn peer out of the window in the passageway between their hut and the main bunkhouse.

  Peterson recovering from his near fatal fall down a crevasse.  NEW


Chapter 11

  Harry Darlington  NEW

  Finn saying goodbye and good luck to Bob Nichols at the start of his sledge trip down the coast.  NEW

  Our little “Necessary House” on the hill with Science Building on right.  NEW


Chapter 12 

  Our two Air Force Pilots, Lassiter and Adams in front of Norseman plane. NEW

  The three British airmen rescued after their plane crash stand between Finn and Ken Butler – Reg Freeman, Navigator; Bernard Stonehouse, Co-pilot; and W.H. Thomson, Pilot NEW

Chapter 13 

  Radio Operator, Lawrence Kelsey in our radio shack.  NEW

65 Exploration by dog sled



Chapter 14   

  Weasel (with Beaumont sign) takes gasoline drums to planes for fueling.  NEW

  The Norseman and the Beechcraft planes land at field camp. NEW

  Bill Latady operating the trimetrogon cameras in flight in Beechcraft.  NEW

66676869The expedition discovered hundreds of square miles of previously unseen and uncharted territory.  Here are sample of photos taken from the trimetrogon cameras:  mountains, glaciers, open water leads and ice fields.

 Andy Thompson analyzing seismograph sheet for possible earthquakes.  NEW

Finn and Jackie skiing around the base and on the glacier.

  Adelie penguin rookery  NEW

  Overview of base with planes. NEW


Chapter 15   

Geologists Bob Dodson and Bob Nichols study rocks in the field  NEW

  Huskies  NEW

71 Smitty (second from right) and Art Owen (right) at their farthest south on the Ronne / Weddell Coast.

 19Finn’s birthday party in the Ronne's hut.

Christmas Dinner.  The Ronnes invited the Britishers to join the celebration.

  Dodson and Nichols return from their 3-month geological trip. NEW


Chapter 16   

  Our cook, Sig Gutenko, serves up fresh pies NEW

  Chuck Adams, Jimmy Robertson and Chuck Hassage celebrate New Year's Eve. NEW

  Loading planes onto ship for return journey.   NEW


Chapter 17   

Cdr. Gerald Ketchus USN Commander of Task Force #39 consisting of the Navy Icebreakers Burton Island and Edisto visit the Ronnes.

Jackie and Finn going aboard the Burton Island Icebreaker for dinner.

  Port of Beaumont arrives in New York NEW

The Ronne expedition's arrival in New York

 Greeting well-wishers on arrival in New York

  The NY boy scouts well home fellow boy scouter Art Own, center.  NEW

Delete this photo from BSA website and use this new one: 

  The entire expedition group, minus the Darlingtons and Jorge DiGeorgio, pose on the deck of the ship upon return to New York.  Standing:  Ike Schlossback, Dr. Don McLean, Capt. James Lassiter, Chuck Hassage, Larry Fiske, Commander Finn Ronne, Jackie Ronne, Ernest "Woodie" Wood, Bill Latady, Jimmy Robertson, Bob Nichols, Harcly "Pete" Peterson, Sig Gutenko.  Kneeling:  Chuck Adams, Bob Dodson, Walter "Smitty" Smith, Nelson "Mac" McClary, Art Owen, and Andy Thompson.  NEW


Chapter 18

  Jackie and Finn's first lecture trip was to Norway, Finn's native country.    NEW

  Daughter Karen was born in 1951.

Jackie points to map where Finn named newly discovered land "Edith Ronne Land", later named "Ronne Ice Shelf," after her.

Jackie and Finn toured around the US and Europe, lecturing about their experiences.

  Finn and Jackie at South Pole in December 1971 with Commanding Officer Admiral Leo McCuddin.

  Jackie in an ice cave in 1971.

 Jackie returned to Stonington Island Base in 1995.  USE THIS SOMEWHERE.  COVER?

  Jackie shows daughter Karen around the base.  Here, they pose in front of the Ronne Hut.  NEW

Jackie lectured on board tourist cruises to the Antarctic.



Photos not used: 








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