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Martin Rønne (1861 - 1932) (Norwegian)

Participated on four of Roald Amundsen's polar expeditions, made sails, tents and trail provisions for polar expeditions, including the tent Amundsen left at the South Pole in December 1911, found a month later by Robert F. Scott and shown in all the famous historic photos.

  • Sailmaker with Fridtjof Nansen (in Arctic) and Roald Amundsen (Arctic and Antarctic) for 20 years

  • Amundsen Fram Expedition to the South Pole (1910-12)

  • Amundsen's Maud Arctic Expedition through Northwest Passage (1918-20)

  • Amundsen's Spitzbergen Expedition to fly N24 & N25 to North Pole (1925)

  • Amundsen-Ellsworth-Nobile Transpolar Flight - readied airship Norge in Spitzbergen (1926)

  • Byrd Expedition I (1928-30)

Finn Ronne (1899 - 1980) (Norwegian-American; Capt. USNR)

Made many polar trips; led expeditions, including his own expedition, one of only three private American expeditions to the Antarctic in the exploring age (the other two were led by wealthy men).  Member of Board of Directors of The Explorers Club; awarded their Gold Explorers Medal.  Professional writer and lecturer.

  • Byrd Expedition II (1933-35)

  • U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition (1939-41)

  • US Navy in Greenland; sited Thule Air Force Base (1946)

  • Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (1946-48)

  • U.S. IGY Antarctic Expedition - Ellsworth Station: Scientific and Military Leader (1956-57)

  • Spitzbergen (Svalbard) and Bear Island, Arctic (1962 & 1963)

  • Lindblad First Tourist Cruise to Antarctica (1965)

  • Flight to South Pole (1971)

Edith M. "Jackie" Ronne (1919 - 2009) (American) - Interview

The first American woman to set foot on Antarctica, first woman to winter over, first working expedition member and part of first couple at South Pole; Ronne Ice Shelf is named for her.  President of the Society of Woman Geographers ('78 - '81), fellow of The Explorers Club and member of the Antarctican Society.  Professional writer and lecturer.

  • Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition (1946-48)

  • Argentinean-led Private Cruise to Antarctic (1957)

  • Spitzbergen (Svalbard) and Bear Island, Arctic (1962)

  • Flight to South Pole (1971)

  • Lecturer on 13 Cruises to Antarctica (1995-2003)

Karen Ronne Tupek (1951 - present) (American)

Member of the Explorers Club, Society of Women Geographers, and the Antarctican Society.  Architect, writer, website designer, lecturer.

  • Spitzbergen (Svalbard) and Bear Island, Arctic (1962)

  • Six Cruises to Antarctica (1995-2000)

    • Antarctic "Ice Cruise" and Falkland Islands - 1995

    • Antarctic Circumnavigation and New Zealand - 1996

    • Antarctic Expedition and Falkland Islands - 1997-1998

    • Antarctic Circumnavigation - 1999

    • Antarctic Expeditions (2) - 2000

Michael Ronne Tupek  (1983 - present) (American)

  • Antarctic Expedition and Falkland Islands (1997-98)

Jaclyn Jo Tupek  (1986 - present) (American)

  • Antarctic Expedition and Falkland Islands (1997-98)

Articles and/or Photos About:


  • "Antarctic Conquest" by Capt. Finn Ronne (1949)

  • "Antarctic Command" by Capt. Finn Ronne (1958)

  • "Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition" by Capt. Finn Ronne (1970)

  • "Antarctica, My Destiny" by Capt. Finn Ronne (1979)

  • "Antarctica's First Lady"  by Edith M. "Jackie" Ronne (2005)

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